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Posted by on Jan 15, 2015 in Dangerous Pharmaceuticals, Personal Injury | 0 comments

Birth Defects: The Consequences of Zoloft

Dealing with psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety can be difficult enough of its own, let alone if the medicine meant to treat it creates more problems than it solves. Such is the case of Zoloft, one of the most popular and effective drugs against major depression disorder and social anxiety disorder. However, there have been some cases shown that show that Zoloft (or by its generic name, Setraline) can cause several sexual complications such as women having difficulty achieving orgasm or men experiencing erectile dysfunction but worse off is that if a pregnant woman partakes of this drug, it can result into birth defects for the unborn child.

Due to the nature of the illnesses that this drug treats, it is not prescribed to children under 18 years old and can only be allowed if the child in question exhibits obsessive compulsive disorder. Purchase of this drug requires a prescription from a licensed physician and intake of this drug means that certain medicines and other substances such as grapefruit juice and alcohol must be avoided due to the fact that certain symptoms and side effects might be affected by the additional chemicals working in your system.

Any side effects must be reported to your attending physician immediately. Zoloft lawsuit lawyers from Williams Kherkher have reported that multiple studies have correlated several birth defects directly with Zoloft intake, some of which include persistent pulmonary hypertension, craniosynostosis, anal atresia, among others. These are serious birth defects that could affect the child’s psychological state as well as warrant for medical expenses that were unprecedented. If taking this drug meant to help causes lifelong pain, trauma, and harm – the victims are advised to seek legal counsel immediately.

If you or a loved one has suffered birth defects due to Zoloft intake, you are owed due compensation in order to ease your troubles. It is recommended for you to get expert help in this regard – a lawyer who knows his way around a courtroom and has sufficient knowledge of medical expertise in order to better represent your case – so that the only thing you need worry about is your recovery and transition back into some semblance of normalcy.

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